Decaf Coffees

Decaf Coffees

Our Most Popular is Decaf Danish

The SWISS WATER® Process*
To extract caffeine without the use of chemicals, our green beans go through a gentle yet efficient process known as the SWISS WATER® Process. First, beans are soaked in hot water. The water softens the beans and absorbs their flavor and caffeine, much like a regular cup of coffee. The beans are then discarded and the flavored water is passed through a carbon filter, which sifts out the caffeine. The final step is soaking fresh green beans in the filtered flavored water. The warm water absorbs the caffeine from the new batch of beans but since the beans are soaking in caffeine-free coffee flavored water, they do not lose their flavor. The SWISS WATER® Process removes 99.9% of the beans' caffeine, and is 100% chemical free without compromising any other of the coffee's original characteristics.

Below menu reflects retail pricing. Prices listed reflect 12oz. whole bean or ground. See extended menu for more options. Customers with wholesale accounts will be charged accordingly. Prices subject to change without notice.

*Note: Coffees are listed from left to right as lightest to darkest.