Why Kahvé?

Discover how Kahvé has won customer loyalty with our premier coffee.

About Kahve Koffee


We're Obsessed with Quality.  Just read our testimonials. People are positively addicted to Kahvé Koffee and for good reason. We are obsessive about our beans, our roasting, our packaging and our freshness. Our loyal customers will tell you they have never had a better, more consistent cup of coffee. They rely on us to deliver time and time again a perfect cup of their favorite blend or varietal. We are determined never to disappoint. To that end, our process is labor intensive and we double check ourselves every step of the way. We evaluate the quality and consistency of each and every roast and each and every shipment. The result... an intoxicating blend of aroma and taste, the likes of which you have never known.

Our Roasting is an Art. Our master roaster is personally responsible for all of our coffees. He knows the harvest, the altitude, the growing conditions and most of all the quality of our beans. He studies beans from around the world and chooses only the finest for Kahvé Koffees. After all, it really is all about the beans …

  • We pay the highest prices for the best quality which also assures a fair wage for the farmers.
  • We hand roast our coffees in small batches in order to encourage the best roast for each coffee. This is essential to an excellent cup.
  • We taste our coffees again and again as we roast them, fine-tuning every few moments for the best possible taste in the cup.
  • We hand finish our beans by naturally allowing them to cool versus quenching them with water as mass production roasters tend to do.  This allows for a richer, purer flavor profile that adding water would dilute.   Water not only adds weight to the beans, but and as it evaporates, it dries them out taking the precious natural oils with it.  Our hand finishing retains our beans' pure weight as well as the natural oils and  flavor.  The end result is a naturally moist roast of 100% pure bean weight.
  • We taste each batch before we pack and ship to assure there is never a sacrifice in quality.
  • We deliver our coffees as soon after the roast as possible when they are still alive with aromatics, fresh and full of their entire flavor. A true masterpiece from bean to brew.

Rest Assured...

Once You Have Tasted Our Kahvé... You'll Surely Know Why!