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Kahvé is a favorite among distinguished chefs, restaurants and cafes

Zagat Rated Restaurants and Cafes
Open up any Zagat Book and you’ll find top restaurants and cafes that carry our gourmet coffee. In fact, our coffee is the best kept secret in the industry and is served in the highest ranked restaurants in the region. 

Also a favorite among world renowned celebrity chefs, Kahvé Koffee is the quintessential choice when it comes to selecting the best quality coffee, tea, equipment and service for their white table restaurants. Plus, the most flattering compliment of all is that many of them also choose our delicious gourmet coffee for their personal enjoyment at home, and are among our most prized clientele.

Best of Boston
And to top that, since we have been such a local sensation, one of our cafe customers was named "Best of Boston" at one of Boston's annual awards competition along with several of our restaurants. So, why not put the best to the test and experience first hand what all the buzz is about!*

*To discover where you can taste our gourmet coffee in a Boston neighborhood restaurant or cafe nearest you, email us at

At Kahvé …

We Pour Our Distinctive Reputation Into Every Cup!

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