Guatemalan Genuine Antigua SHB
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Guatemalan Genuine Antigua SHB

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We select only the finest crop from each region we feature. In this case, we rely upon Antigua to give us a wonderfully blue SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). Roasted with great care, this brew is refined and complex. Admired for its subtle smokiness and fruit sharpness, this coffee delivers a soft, mild flavor from start to finish. Full bodied and smooth, it provides a rich and lively aroma with hints of chocolate and a fine acidity. Guatemalan Antigua coffee hails from a region deep in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes. Predictable weather patterns, unique and fertile soil and being grown at an elevation just above 5,000 feet allow Guatemalan Antigua the opportunity to provide this exquisite coffee. 

* Please note that all our pre-ground coffees are ground for automatic drip.  Should you desire a different grind, please email us along with your order.

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