Kahve Koffee Covid-19 Extended shipping discount and Introducing Peru Coopafsi FT "Las Damas".

We want to offer our support during this difficult time and assure all our customers that we will continue to provide and fulfill all internet orders and that all precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of our products and operations.

As a thank you to our loyal customers we are also extending our current lowered shipping costs on all orders shipped within the continental U.S. 

From all of us at Kahve Koffee, we wish you and your families continued safety and wellness.

In addition, we are proud to introduce you to our new, gender equal, women's co-op estate coffee: Peru Coopafsi FT "Las Damas", at a special introductory price. This unique farm was established with gender equality as a major factor when the land was purchased and divided among its producers, empowering not only "women grown" coffee but a "women run" estate as well. Our Peruvian is Viennese roasted, Organic, Fair traded and Rainforest certified.

For additional information on this farm or to purchase this coffee at the introductory price, you can find it featured on our home page or listed under fair trade, organic or single origin (medium/dark) coffee.  We hope you will take advantage of this special offer and try this unique coffee.