Decaf Espresso
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Decaf Espresso

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This is our Napoli in decaf. Swiss Water Processed.

Our Napoli is a combination of Santa Domingo Dominican Republic beans roasted to both French and Viennese roasts, then we add in Sumatran Viennese. This makes for a exquisite espresso, or a great dark roast cup of coffee. Roasted a bit darker than our Espresso Roma, this “southern style” espresso offers an entirely unique experience. With a rounder, more developed character, Napoli delivers a rich, satisfying brew imbued with subtle hints of ripened, black cherries. The mellow nutty flavor becomes more pronounced when served with steamed milk.

* Please note that all our pre-ground espresso coffees are ground for espresso drip.  Should you desire a different grind, please email us along with your order.

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