Tea Smoked Salmon

Try Tea and Sea

This recipe from Kevin Weeks is sure to please both tea and seafood lovers and the presentation is beautiful to see.

Tea Smoked Salmon

Recipe by Kevin Weeks


Serves 2.

2 ea 6oz salmon steaks (or thick sections of filets)
1/3 c long-grain rice
1/4 c oolong tea
1/4 c packed brown sugar


1/2 c unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 c olive oil
1/3 c rum
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp fresh ginger -- grated
2 cloves garlic -- crushed
1 tsp ground black pepper


1/2 c diced fresh pineapple -- small dice
1/4 c diced green bell pepper -- small dice
1/4 c diced read onion -- small dice
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp pineapple juice
hot sauce to taste
salt to taste


Mix all marinade ingredients in a one qt zipper bag. Add salmon and marinate in refrigerator six to eight hours.

Mix all salsa ingredients together and allow flavors to meld at room temperature for at least an hour. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Mix together rice, tea, and brown sugar. Line a deep, lidded pan with foil and spread tea mixture evenly over bottom. Place a cake rack over mixture and set salmon on rack. Heat over high heat until tea mixture begins to smoke. Cover tightly with lid or aluminum foil, reduce heat to medium low, and cook 10 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cook another five minutes. Plate and top generously with salsa.

Credits: Pineapple Marinade - Weekly Recipes