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Find out where you can taste Kahvé's amazing gourmet coffee in the Boston area.

Put the Best to the Test!

Taste our Coffee*

Ever wonder where you might be able to try our delicious Kahvé gourmet coffee in a restaurant or cafe near you?  Well, if you live in the Boston area, you are in luck!  If you click on our Zagat Rated Restaurants & Cafes page you will find a partial list of locations.  To learn about additional choices or ones closest to your neighborhood, please email us with your request. Feel free to check with us often for updates or submit a request if you have a favorite or new spot you'd like to see us serve.


* Please keep in mind that these establishments base their coffee selection from our targeted taste tests set up to best serve and satisfy their specific customer profile and thus only represents a small sample from the vast selection of gourmet coffees available to you at Kahvé Koffee.  By shopping our website you can personally tailor your coffee preference to a lighter, medium or darker blend, espresso, decaf, flavored or varietal.

At Kahvé...

  We Put Our Coffee Where Your Mouth Is!


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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